Give customers industrial vehicles that are tough, safe and reliable.

Some of the biggest names in leasing depend on our versatile electric vehicles to meet the wide needs of their varied clientele. Whether it’s stock chasers, tow tractors, burden or personnel carriers or utility vehicles, if it’s a Motrec, it’s built to last.

Leasing | Motrec


Optimize ROI with vehicles known for their ability to withstand endless abuse and still keep going. Our models boast features like all-steel unibody construction and bolt-on front and rear bumpers to better safeguard your investment.


Ensure customer safety without sacrificing performance. Our easy-to-operate vehicles are designed from the wheels up with safety in mind—from their superior maneuverability and braking to their highly balanced and ergonomic designs.

AC / Direct Drive Motor | Motrec


Stretch your inventory further with vehicles that can comfortably pull double (or triple) duty. We can also adapt the motors, voltage and speeds of our entire line to better meet the specific needs of your customers.


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