Want to get more done in less time? Add trailers.

Adding tracking trailers to your Motrec tow tractor, carrier or stock chaser lets you instantly boost productivity with minimal effort and cost. With their tight turning radius and heavy-duty capacity, our industrial trailers are strong and sturdy, but also highly maneuverable.

  • All-steel, multi-purpose designs
  • Load capacity from 750 to 9,000 lbs
  • Can be fully customized
  • Compatible with all Motrec vehicles
  • Wide variety of hitches available

Heavy-duty industrial trailers ready for customization

Trailers | Motrec

Rugged, safe and custom trailers exclusively made by Hamilton Caster for Motrec International

Hamilton Caster, a well-established and trusted manufacturer of casters, wheels, carts and trailers, unlocks endless new product possibilities and more options.
This collaboration enables Motrec and Hamilton Caster to meet customer’s needs on a whole new level. With complementary products now provided through a unique point of contact, dealers and customers have the most to gain from this synergy and will benefit from a turnkey solution.


  • Strong, sturdy design with high beds and large steel decks
  • Accommodates virtually any kind of load
  • Adapted for rear forklift loading
  • Ensures accurate tracking in multiple trailer train application; follows the same path as the vehicle
  • Perfectly adapted to Motrec vehicles
  • Narrow enough to fit through doorways, elevators and just about any jobsite


  • Sturdy, all-steel welded construction
  • Trailers are strong enough to work on their own or as a train of multiple trailers
  • Extra-heavy-duty towing tongue connecting to the trailer framework
  • Load capacity from 750 to 9,000 lbs
  • Rugged, efficient design makes hitching and towing safe, easy and productive