Tackle your toughest jobs efficiently and safely—without having to worry about lack of power or drained batteries. For the last 20 years, our EE certified vehicles have been put to the test in hazardous areas and aluminium smelters around the world—from Rio Tinto Alcan to Alcoa. Our engineering team can adapt your Motrec vehicle to withstand years of gruelling conditions.

AC / Direct Drive Motor | Motrec

Magnetic-field proof

Our PMC series controllers will guarantee efficient motor operation in magnetic fields, while our AC direct drive powertrains, 14-gauge diamond-plate unitized steel bodies, high-strength tubular frames and bolted front and rear bumpers will lower maintenance costs and better protect your investment.


No need to modify your vehicle yourself; we offer all industry-specific options from tool racks to roofs to windshields. We can customize your vehicle in the factory as it is being built to fully meet your specific needs.

Safe & comfortable

Reduce operator strain and fatigue with features like LED head & tail lights, rear batteries, and hydrostatic brakes that automatically engage when the vehicle is stopped. Our vehicles will help to ensure safer shifts and fewer accidents.


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