Businesses in commerce and services need industrial vehicles that can do more than simply “keep up.” They need robust work horses that are versatile enough to tackle multiple tasks—efficiently and safely. We can help you customize your Motrec vehicle to replace several of your current vehicles, translating into short-term ROI and long-term cost savings.

Keep operations running

Keep warehouse operations running around the clock. Our electric vehicles require minimal charging time and even less maintenance. Their versatile designs also make them the perfect complement to conventional forklifts.

Improve day-to-day efficiency

Help your team work more quickly and safely. Our vehicles can easily pull heavy loads in tight spaces, but still stop and turn on a dime. They also come with a long list of standard safety features & no-exaggeration performance abilities.

Work more comfortably

Give operators fatigue-free driving—even after an extra-long shift. Our ergonomic designs, comfortable seating and light-touch controls reduce the fatigue and strain that can lead to injuries and lost man-hours.


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