Improve material handling efficiency and safety with tried-and-true vehicles that are built to the highest industry standards. Some of the biggest names in the pharmaceutical industry depend on our low-noise, no-fume electric stock chasers, tow tractors and personnel carriers to get the job done with reliable performance and minimal maintenance. Our versatile vehicles can also be customized for specific applications.

Clean & quiet

The first thing you’ll notice about our zero-emissions utility vehicles is how quiet and maneuverable they are. Their narrow, balanced designs offer smooth steering, a tight turning radius, and short stopping distances.

Productive & powerful

You’ll also be impressed by their ability to keep up with your round-the clock operations with fewer charges. And when batteries do need to be changed, our roll out system will save workers precious time. Our sturdy, well-balanced designs also allow you to carry or haul more materials per trip.

Safe & comfortable

Reduce operator strain and fatigue—accidents, too—even after an extra-long shift. Our vehicles are designed from the wheels up with safety and comfort in mind. From the ergonomic seats to the light touch controls to the low step entry, our many standard features will have a direct impact on overall efficiency.


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