Get even more years of dependable service and lower maintenance costs over your vehicle’s lifespan with our award-winning AC / Direct Drive powertrains: State-of the-art systems with high-quality components designed for heavy-duty use. In other words, they’re significantly stronger, more durable and efficient.

Our high-efficiency, zero-emission AC / Direct Drive powertrains are now available on most Motrec models.


AC / Direct Drive Motor | Motrec

AC / Direct Drive Motor

Asynchronous, high-efficiency motor with temperature and speed sensors

  • Maintenance-free brushless electric motor
  • Higher possible speeds & better torque at low speeds
  • Better control allowing for full motor performance
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AC Controller & Display

AC controller with sealed connector paired with multifunction display

  • Precise speed control
  • Indicators for speed, battery state of charge, hour meter, odometer, fault warnings
  • Password-protected parameters
  • Monitoring capability
Differential & Brakes | Motrec

Differential & Brakes

Aluminum and galvanized steel differential with ground-tooth gears and drum brakes

  • Extremely durable, quiet & efficient
  • High-capacity tapered roller bearings & splined drive shafts allow use of transaxles in high-performances vehicles
  • Higher braking torque & less brake drag
  • Electromagnetic parking brake with manual hand release for towing