MX 480 model Passengers Load capacity Towing capacity Speed Turning radius
48V 2 2,750 lb 6,000 lb 10 mph 133″


Console on steering column

Complete console on steering column to put all controls and displays conveniently right where your fingers and eyes are. Now with a tilted steering column for a more ergonomic and natural driving posture to reduce operator fatigue and strain.


Reinforced bolt-on front bumper

Protects vehicle components from damage and keeps maintenance costs low. Equipped with anchors for easier towing. Bumpers are easy to replace when needed. An easy, low-cost way to protect your investment.



High-efficiency asynchronous AC / Direct Drive motor

Offers better control for full motor performance, as well as higher possible speeds and better torque at low speeds. Maintenance-free brushless electric motor equipped with temperature and speed sensors.



AC controller with sealed connectors paired with multifunction display

Allows for precise speed control for greater safety and vehicle performance. Includes indicators for speed, battery state of charge, hour meter, odometer and fault warnings. Password-protected parameters and monitoring capability.



Safe and comfortable all-steel cabs

Protects operators and everyone around them. Our customizable cabs come with a long list of standard and optional features: lockable/Mika/removable doors, canopy top, ladder/pipe rack, wipers, rear-view mirror, sliding windows with safety glass, heater, air conditioning, cab-mounted strobe light, cab sound proofing, rust proofing… the list goes on and on.


Powerful automatic electromagnetic parking brake

Increases safety by automatically applying the parking brake whenever the vehicle stops moving or is shut off. Also doubles as an emergency stop. Entirely sealed to protect it from debris, elements, etc.


Motor 15 hp Brushless AC motor
Drive Axle Helical gear differential
Transmission Direct drive
Controller AC Electronic speed controller
Voltage 48V
Battery Eight 6V-225AH batteries
Charger High-frequency charger (85-265VAC / 45-65Hz, 1kw), Built-in and automatic
Body All-steel unibody construction, Powder coating
Suspension Front dual leaf springs suspension, Rear dual leaf springs suspension
Brakes Rear hydraulic drum brakes, Electromagnetic parking brake with manual hand release, Regenerative braking
Wheels 5.7x8 LRD pneumatic tires
Steering Automotive steering wheel, Tilted steering column
Seats Two premium seats on slide adjusters
Lights Dual LED headlights, Tail/brake lights, Dual back-up lights
Indicators Multifunction display (including speedometer, battery state of charge, hour meter, odometer and fault warnings), Password-protected parameters and monitoring capability
Accessories Console on steering column, Bolt-on front bumper, DC/DC converter, LED charge indicator, Full-sized 7-drawer tool chest, 3 lockable compartments, Ladder/pipe racks, Extinguisher, Vice
Safety Deadman seat switch, Reverse alarm, Horn
Specifications and standard equipment are subject to change without notice.
Vehicle dimensions
Height 86.5″
Length 126.5″
Width 45.5″
Wheel Base 58″
Deck dimensions
Deck Height 42.5″
Deck Length 79″
Deck Width 45.5″
Specifications and standard equipment are subject to change without notice.

A little or a lot, customization goes a long way.

Starting with greater productivity and safety. Less maintenance and lower TCO, too. Whatever the degree of customization needed, our engineering team will get your vehicle to you quickly and for less than you might think. Our handy ordering and quote request tools also make the process extremely easy.