MT 800 model Passengers Load capacity Towing capacity Speed Turning radius
80V 2 1,500 lb 50,000 lb 15 mph 120″


High-efficiency asynchronous AC / Direct Drive motor

Offers better control for full motor performance, as well as higher possible speeds and better torque at low speeds. Maintenance-free brushless electric motor equipped with temperature and speed sensors.


Robust long-life industrial batteries

No more mid-shift recharging! These powerful batteries can last a full shift, even with long distances. Supports Opportunity Rapid charging. Encased for easy replacing. Various options and models available.



Safe and efficient inching control buttons

Makes hitching remarkably easy. Just step out of the vehicle and use the buttons at the back to slowly and safely inch it into position. Ideal for jobs requiring precise tow hitching.


AC controller with sealed connectors

Allows for precise speed control for greater safety and vehicle performance.


Silent and effortless electric power steering

Increases maneuverability in tight settings. Silent, effortless steering also reduces the operator fatigue that can lead to accidents. Efficient steering that won’t drain batteries uselessly.

Motor 40 hp AC motor
Drive Axle Dual planetary wheel drives
Transmission Integrated motor/axle, Direct drive
Controller Electronic speed controller, Inching controls on rear
Voltage 80V
Battery No battery included
Charger No charger included
Body All-steel unibody construction
Suspension Front leaf spring suspension with dual shock, Rear rubber spring suspension system
Brakes Regenerative braking, Hydraulic brakes with front dry discs and rear wet discs, Hand lever parking brake
Wheels 600x9 solid softy wheels (front), 700x12 solid softy wheels (rear)
Steering Power steering with hydrostatic orbitrol and hydraulic cylinder
Seats Two suspension seats on slide adjusters
Lights Dual LED headlights, Tail/brake lights, Turn signals
Indicators Digital display, Battery status indicator, Hour meter, Fault diagnostic
Accessories Converter for 12-volt accessories
Safety Deadman seat switch, Reverse alarm, Horn
Specifications and standard equipment are subject to change without notice.
Vehicle dimensions
Weight 3,500 lb
Height 54″
Length 115.5″
Width 49.75″
Wheel Base 58.5″
Deck dimensions
Deck Height 43.5″
Deck Length 51″
Deck Width 48″
Battery dimensions
Battery Height 31.5″
Battery Length 26.8″
Battery Width 45.5″
Specifications and standard equipment are subject to change without notice.

Get the most from your fleet.

Choose any model in our lineup, and build it to your specifications. Here are just some of our most popular options for the MT-800. Contact us for the complete list.

  • All-steel cab with doors, wiper, side and rear view mirrors
  • Strobe light
  • Retractable seat belts
  • Blue safety light
  • Clevis type hitch

A little or a lot, customization goes a long way.

Starting with greater productivity and safety. Less maintenance and lower TCO, too. Whatever the degree of customization needed, our engineering team will get your vehicle to you quickly and for less than you might think. Our handy ordering and quote request tools also make the process extremely easy.