Find the right vehicle in minutes. Our categories are based on specific functions so that you can quickly narrow down your choices. Want to modify certain features or components? Our engineering team will make it easy. Got a unique need or want to optimize performance? We’ll gladly custom-design and build a vehicle to your exact specifications.

MC Series | Motrec


Burden Carriers

Carry loads of up to 5,000 lbs. Tow up to 6,000. With their various power outputs and configurations, our load carriers will quickly become a versatile addition to your fleet.

MP Series | Motrec


Personnel Carriers

Comfortably transport up to 11 passengers. Quickly, quietly and with zero emissions. These go-anywhere electric personnel carriers and trams will keep you moving with plenty of power to spare.

MS Series | Motrec


Stock Chasers

Move stock faster and more safely than ever before. Our versatile stand-up order pickers can handle serious loads and still turn on a dime. Available in several motor sizes.

MX Series | Motrec


Custom Vehicles

Accomplish any task and streamline operations. With our modular designs and 30 years of customizing expertise, we can quickly manufacture a utility vehicle to your exact specifications.