Comparing vehicles? Beware of Pack Mule’s misleading information

We regularly introduce new and more powerful electric vehicles to make it easier for end-users to move people and material more safely and efficiently. Our competitors strive to offer their best as well, and we respect that.

Vehicle comparisons are standard business practice in our industry

That’s because at first glance, certain features may appear to be equal. When you take a closer look at the complete list of technical specifications side by side, however, the differences become much clearer. We’re talking about battery life & charging times, ergonomics & safety features, braking & towing capabilities, motor life & maintenance… And much, much more.

It’s also an unstated rule among electric industrial vehicle manufacturers to present these comparisons as accurately and honestly as possible. Doing otherwise only wastes people’s time – which is no way to build a reputation in our industry.

Pack Mule’s questionable practices

Unfortunately, not all of our competitors embrace this philosophy and sometimes resort to using outdated or inaccurate specifications to put their own vehicles in a more positive light. For some time now, Pack Mule has been posting misleading comparisons on its website. Regrettably, in the case of the Motrec MS-260, it has been passing off outdated information as our current specifications.

We have informed Pack Mule of this inaccuracy but would like to set the record straight here as well. Below is the correct comparison between the Motrec MS-260 (48v) and the Pack Mule SC-775 NXG (48v).

View the accurate comparison


There’s a lot of healthy competition among electric industrial vehicle manufacturers and that’s a great thing for customers. Unfortunately, using misleading information to boost sales or to undermine a competitor’s reputation does not serve the customer’s best interests in any way.

We encourage anyone who is comparing a Motrec stock chaser, tow tractor, personnel carrier, burden carrier or even one of our custom vehicles to obtain the correct specifications either directly from our website or by speaking with one of our Motrec authorized dealers.

Even better, REQUEST A DEMO to see the vehicle’s capabilities for yourself.

Note: The information contained on the presented spec sheet is for general comparative purposes only. The information used to produce the comparative spec sheet was based on Pack Mule’s website in August 2017.