New MT-310 Crossover Tugger – On-Demand Standing/Sitting Driving Position

Motrec’s line of tow tractors has long set the bar for innovation, productivity and safety. And obviously, customization, since these vehicles are built by the leader of customizable electric industrial vehicles. But now there’s even more reason to keep these hard-working tuggers on your radar.

Motrec has just introduced the MT-310, a brand-new crossover tugger that’s jam-packed with bumper-to-bumper innovations that will make a serious difference where they matter most – namely in the areas of productivity, durability, maintenance, and safety.

Motrec’s new sit-down / stand-up seat makes it easy for operators of virtually all shapes and sizes to work comfortably from a wide range of driving positions. Operators simply pull up on the seat to raise it to the standing position; they simply push down to lower it to the desired sitting position.

  • Meets all safety & union regulations
  • One-touch adjustable seat minimizes fatigue & chronic pain during long shifts
  • Ergonomic seat with wider backrest & lateral support is as comfortable when seated as when standing
  • No impact on vehicle stability or turning radius
  • Optional side-arm keeps hitch release always within reach – no need to step off the vehicle or even turn around

Throw in the MT-310’s 16,000-lb towing capacity and you’ve got an extremely reliable electric industrial tugger that can tackle tough tasks while keeping operators comfortable and safe

But don’t take our word for it. Check out the MT-310’s long list of features for yourself:

Standard MT-310 features

  • New sit-down / stand-up seat with a wide range of ergonomic driving positions
  • Single pedal for acceleration and braking for greater stability
  • Leaf springs rear suspension system
  • Standard AC powertrain & multifunction display
  • Central driving position with easy step-on / step-off from both sides
  • Rear hitch within easy sight from driver’s seat
  • Signature recessed dual headlights and dual tail, brake, reverse and turn signal lights
  • Flat-free solid softy tires for better durability, reliability and stability
  • Fully protected electrical components to boost safety and lifespan
  • Sealed laser-engraved backlit buttons
  • Compatible with fast-charging batteries
  • USB charger, 12V DC 10A plug
  • Heavy-duty key sealed from water and dust
  • Fully tested standard Motrec tow tractor parts to streamline inventory

Need even more from your vehicle? Like all Motrec vehicles, the MT-310 can be custom-built to your exact needs.

“Motrec has always focused on innovation without ever losing sight of the customer’s chief concerns: long-term reliability, no-fuss maintenance, and safe and easy operation. Like all Motrec vehicles, we carefully configured the MT-310 electric tugger with these criteria in mind. We also subjected it to ridiculous amounts of testing so that we could offer the most efficient maintenance plan possible.”

 – Jocelyn Gagnon, Eng., Director of Engineering & Innovation at Motrec

See full MT-310 specifications or speak to a Motrec dealer near you.

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