Rugged, safe and custom trailers exclusively made by Hamilton Caster for Motrec International

A Motrec industrial vehicle is already something to be reckoned with, hitch a quality trailer from Hamilton Caster to it and it becomes unstoppable.

This new collaboration enables Motrec and Hamilton Caster to meet customer’s needs on a whole new level. A win-win across the board, it complements Motrec’s offering and enables Hamilton Caster to have a privileged relationship with an OEM electric industrial vehicles manufacturer. With complementary products now provided through a unique point of contact, dealers and customers have the most to gain from this synergy and will benefit from a turnkey solution.

A partnership that was carefully thought out by both parties, Motrec and Hamilton Caster are a perfect match. In operation since 1907, Hamilton Caster, a reputable company with a long-standing expertise and know-how, is committed to reliability, security and deep-rooted values, just like Motrec.

This new collaboration will translate into the addition of five new trailers designed and manufactured by Hamilton Caster for Motrec International. This co-branding strategy will add to Motrec’s current trailer lineup.

“I get very excited when I think about the partnership between Motrec and Hamilton Caster.  We talk about our trailers being the toughest on the planet and we have aligned ourselves with an electric industrial vehicles manufacturing partner that thinks like we do.  Customers can one-stop shop for a rugged, worry-free total material handling solution.”

– Steve Lippert, Executive Vice President, Hamilton Caster

This new, wider range of trailers, combined to the largest lineup of electric industrial vehicles, will make Motrec the most complete and dedicated OEM for the horizontal material handling industry.

“We believe Hamilton Caster is the ideal partner. Their ability to build rugged, custom-made and reliable products is directly aligned with our values and our commitment. Their trailers will greatly complement our offerings and send a clear message to the industry: Motrec International is now a one-stop shop for tow tractors, personal and burden carriers, stock chasers and, now, trailers.”

– Robin Charest, Director of Sales and Business Development, Motrec International

The Hamilton Caster and Motrec teams are very excited about this new partnership and the endless opportunities for all involved. Both parties are confident customers will greatly benefit from this enhanced offering.


About Hamilton Caster

Hamilton Caster is a leading manufacturer of industrial casters, wheels, floor trucks, and trailers. Founded in 1907, Hamilton Caster has a long-standing reputation for product quality, excellent service, and custom engineered equipment.

About Motrec International

Motrec International Inc. is a globally recognized manufacturer of electric industrial vehicles. Established in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada since 1988, Motrec specializes in state-of-the-art electric industrial vehicles that are crafted to meet the exact needs of the biggest players in the industry. With a name that has come to mean durable, robust, reliable and safe, Motrec is a leader in the material and equipment handling industry, as well as the passengers’ transportation industry.